My Less Wrong posts about GiveWell

In 2009, I became passionate about GiveWell, an organization that finds outstanding giving opportunities for donors. In 2010, I came across Less Wrong, a group blog centered around rationality. The Less Wrong’s community’s interests overlapped with GiveWell’s: many Less Wrongers subscribe to utilitarianism, the ethical framework that prioritizes the greatest good for the greatest number.  I made a series of blog posts and many comments raising awareness of GiveWell under the screen name multifoliaterose. Some of the posts are below. See also the comment threads.

GiveWell gained traction in the Less Wrong community, and I’m  happy to have played a role in introducing the Less Wrong community to GiveWell.

I went on to work at GiveWell in 2012-2013, and since then have written about GiveWell and what I learned there:

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