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Speed Dating Project

Predictors of selectivity and desirability at speed dating events

Predicting matches at speed dating events: methodology 

How subjective is attractiveness?

The role of attractiveness in mate selection: individual variation

Other Data Science

Earnings of economics majors: general considerations

Economics majors and earnings: further exploration

Some highlights from Nate Silver’s “The Signal and the Noise”

Robustness of Cost-Effectiveness Estimates and Philanthropy

Effective Altruism

Earning to Give vs. Altruistic Career Choice Revisited

Social Impact, Effective Altruism, and Motivated Cognition

A personal history of involvement with effective altruism

Some reservations about Singer’s child-in-the-pond argument

Saving lives via bed nets is hard to beat for immediate impact

Problems with Academia and the Rising Sea

Mathematicians and the Prevention of Recessions


The Use of Many Independent Lines of Evidence: The Basel Problem

Many Weak Arguments vs. One Relatively Strong Argument

Many Weak Arguments and the Typical Mind

Artificial Intelligence

Progress on automated mathematical theorem proving?

Norbert Wiener’s paper “Some Moral and Technical Consequences of Automation”

High school

How valuable is it to learn math deeply?

Advanced Placement exam cutoffs and superficial knowledge over deep knowledge

High School, Human Capital, Signaling and College Admissions

High school activities and medical school admissions

Galois theory

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